Welcome to a Safer Future of Research with GT SCIEN's AIoT-Powered Lab Safety

Imagine a laboratory where safety isn’t just a priority, it’s seamlessly integrated into every step of your research.

That is the vision behind GT SCIEN, where we bring together cutting-edge AIoT technology and your passion for discovery to create a secure and efficient research environment.

Here’s how we’re revolutionizing laboratory safety:

  • Personalized Safety, Powered by AI: Our Laboratory Safety and Prevention Management System (LSPMS) analyzes your research, providing real-time recommendations for both you and your lab. Think of it as a safety advisor, always on your side.
  • Smart Equipment, Seamless Control: Manage your entire lab from one place. Monitor equipment, track filter replacements, and even control devices remotely. It is AIoT-powered efficiency, saving you time and ensuring safety.
  • Proactive Risk Prevention: Our AIoT-enabled tools, like SmartLab Mate AI and AIoT Ductless Fume Hood, work together to prevent risks before they happen. Imagine a lab that anticipates your needs and keeps you safe.
  • Chemical Management, Simplified: Track chemical usage with pinpoint accuracy, linked directly to your balance system. No more guesswork, just clear data for informed decision-making.
  • Security You Can Trust: User-based access ensures only authorized personnel handle equipment and chemicals. Safety doesn’t just happen, it’s built into the system.
  • Stay Informed, Stay Safe: Receive critical safety updates and notifications instantly. With GT SCIEN, you are always in the know about potential risks and protocol changes.

At GT SCIEN, we believe safety is not just a checkbox, it is the foundation for groundbreaking research. Our AIoT solutions empower you to focus on what matters most – your discoveries.

Join us in building a brighter future for research, where safety and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Are you ready to experience a safer, more efficient lab?

Contact us today and let GT SCIEN be your partner in scientific exploration.

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Smart Lab Mate AI, your ultimate solution for laboratory safety and efficiency. Our cutting-edge Laboratory Safety Equipment Control Tower, equipped with the innovative Laboratory Safety Prevention Management System (LSPMS), is specifically designed to monitor and control the operational status of AIoT-based equipment connected to LSPMS on your lab bench.

With our Control Tower, you can confidently manage a range of essential safety equipment, including fume hoods, toxic gas purifiers, and chemical storage solutions. The integration of GT SCIEN, TOGA Clean System, and filtered chemical storage ensures that your lab operates at its best, with minimal risks and optimal safety measures in place.

Rest assured, our Control Tower facilitates complete control and monitoring of your laboratory equipment, providing a seamless experience for researchers and lab personnel. From completely enclosed chemical storage to chemical storage refrigerators, our system optimizes safety and security throughout your lab operations.

Embrace the future of laboratory safety with Smart Lab Mate AI and elevate your research environment to the next level. Discover unparalleled safety and efficiency with our state-of-the-art Laboratory Safety Equipment Control Tower.

AIoT Real-Time Hazardous Gas Monitoring Device. Based on the Laboratory Safety Prevention Management System (LSPMS), our equipment contributes to reducing researchers’ exposure to hazardous gases in the laboratory.

Our monitoring device detects hazardous gases in the laboratory in real-time and automatically operates remote AIoT-based hazardous gas purification devices such as GT SCIEN and TOGA Clean System. This ensures laboratory safety while minimizing the potential for researchers’ exposure to hazardous gases.

Our equipment seamlessly integrates with various safety facilities, including fume hoods, toxic gas purifiers, and chemical storage. Additionally, systems like filtered chemical storage, completely enclosed chemical storage, and chemical storage refrigerators optimize safety and security during laboratory operations.

Discover a smart AIoT real-time hazardous gas monitoring device for a safer and more efficient future of laboratory safety. Our advanced system takes laboratory safety to the next level and enhances the research environment.

Experience efficient chemical management with our AIoT-powered Completely Enclosed Chemical Storage Cabinet. This cutting-edge solution allows for optimal chemical storage while leveraging AIoT technology for enhanced safety and convenience.

Utilizing patented TOGA® filters, both domestically and internationally recognized, our cabinet ensures complete sealing, enabling self-circulation to eliminate hazardous gases from the internal environment. With this advanced filtration system, you can confidently store chemicals without any concerns about potential risks.

The integration of AIoT technology enables real-time chemical management and equipment status monitoring. By automating the operation of linked devices, such as fume hoods, toxic gas purifiers, and chemical storage refrigerators, we prioritize the well-being and safety of researchers.

Embrace the future of chemical storage with our AIoT Completely Enclosed Chemical Storage Cabinet. Elevate your laboratory’s efficiency, safety, and peace of mind with this state-of-the-art solution brought to you by GT SCIEN and the TOGA Clean System.