AIoT EHS Platform

IoT EHS Platform

Major Laboratory Risk Factors

  • Human Error

Studies have shown that accidents due to human error are close to 70% of laboratory accidents.

Reasons for frequent human errors

There are two reasons human error is cited as the main cause of laboratory accidents.

  1. Mistakes in experiments and safety rules of laboratory participants and mistakes in situations
  2. Difficulty in identifying risk factors and predicting results during the experiment

Accidents mostly resulting from human error or negligence

Difficult to identify risks and
predict outcomes

The Laboratory Safety Prevention Management System (LSPMS) is an integrated laboratory management solution automatically satisfies safety and environmental regulations, and combines various safety and convenience features to improve the everyday lab experience.

How it works?

Key Benefits

Safe Chemical Storage

Integrated Reagent Management

User Management

User-centered Interface

  • Automatically classify chemicals by hazard class
  • Manager expiration dates
  • Monitor Chemical Usage
  • Database of over 20,000 reagents
  • RFID technology to log reagent usage
  • Reduce operational costs and boost efficiency
  • Control user access to dangerous chemicals
  • Manage organizations/teams independently
  • Remote monitoring via web and mobile applications
  • Push notifications for reagent storage and safety

LSPMS is compatible with GT SCIEN’s entire EHS product line-up, allowing managers to connect their products and provide an integrated management system

LSPMS l Smart Lab IoT Hub

LSPMS Benefits

Instant MSDS look-up

Use RFID-tag technology to instantly look up safety data information on the reagents without the hassle of going through and organizing paper documents*

*Major government regulatory bodies, including OSHA in the US require MSDS to be stored in the laboratory and allow for electronic storage to meet HAZCOM requirements

Experiment Information Sharing Platform

Boost operational efficiency by sharing lab notices, manuals, and other important safety information instantly

Laboratory Air Quality Monitoring

Monitor and manage laboratory air quality in real-time

User-centered Interface

User-friendly interface provided via mobile and PC applications


Provides an integrated laboratory management system with user-friendly interface

Main Features

  • Use RFID-tag technology to instantly look up reagent MSDS
  • Check and receive laboratory safety notices in real-time
  • Record data and take notes, upload to your institutions cloud server and share data in real-time
  • Monitor air quality and ensure that laboratory is operating at safe air quality levels


Provides a convenient system for uploading and accessing experimental data

Main Features

  • Instantly and easily register your reagent inventory
  • Provide convenient system for registering and
  • Check system notifications
  • Monitor air quality and ensure that laboratory is operating at safe air quality levels
  • Automatically record and keep track of incidents where air quality fell below safe levels


Manage your lab remotely with our Apps available on Google Play and the Apple Store

Main Features

  • Check MSDS for registered reagents anywhere, at any time
  • Monitor air quality and ensure that laboratory is operating at safe air quality levels
  • Receive push notifications when air quality falls below safe levels
  • Check information based on access rights