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A Division of SDVOSB Materials Technology & Supply LLC

Service Disabled, 100% Veteran Owned, Small Business

“Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business” (SDVOSB) For a veteran who suffers a disability while in military service, the US Government has deemed it is its moral obligation to provide the disabled veteran a range of benefits designed to ease the economic and other losses and disadvantages incurred as a consequence of the disability, including business opportunities.

HUBZone is a United States Small Business Administration (SBA) program for companies that operate and employ people in Historically Under-utilized Business Zones (HUBZones). The primary goal of the program is to create incentives for the U.S. federal government to do contracting with businesses that operate and create jobs in communities with statistically proven economic needs.

Government Expo offers procurement ready small businesses and their supplier partners, opportunities to introduce a variety of medical and non medical supplies, services and equipment to clinicians and procurement decision makers providing market research to support current or future acquisition needs.

Small Business VA Industry Day will be held on August 17th at the Brooklyn, NY Campus, and GT SCIEN has the opportunity to introduce our products together with LabTECH Environments, our US partner.

Toxic Gas Purifier | Medical Fume Extractors

Toxic gas purifiers filter fumes and particulate emitted from a variety of applications and processes. These specific extractors utilize an adjustable flex arm with snorkel to direct contaminants into the filtration system releasing cleansed air into the external room. Our movable systems offer solutions for applications such as epoxy use and laser procedures performed on patients. The heavy-duty casters enable the system to be easily moved to a different location. High-quality air filters capture dust and particles while activated carbon or specialty blended filters absorb chemical fumes. The best-suited filter depends on the application, however filter options grant filtration for both fumes and particulate control. Toxic gas purifiers act as local exhaust ventilation to capture emissions at the source to prevent dispersion into the entire room.

Revolutionizing Laboratory Environments with LabTECH Environments

We are thrilled to introduce you to LabTECH Environments, where innovation, diversity, and excellence converge to shape the future of laboratory facilities and equipment integration. As a Veteran-owned, award-winning, and nationally certified Diversity Supplier, they are at the forefront of transforming lab spaces to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Who are they?

SDVOSB Materials Technology & Supply LLC, along with our LabTECH Environments division, stands as a beacon of innovation, diversity, and solution-driven services. Founded and managed by Service Disabled Veterans, our commitment to delivering top-tier lab-focused equipment, furniture, infrastructure, and supplies remains unwavering.

They Bring Laboratories to Life

Their mission goes beyond providing equipment – they bring laboratories to life by understanding the unique requirements of our clients and translating them into tailored solutions that enhance functionality, efficiency, and inclusivity.

Addressing Challenges, Seizing Opportunities

The landscape of laboratories is evolving, driven by factors such as an aging population, emerging markets, new technologies, and health concerns. Amid these challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of advanced lab environments. As pioneers in the field, we recognized the need to adapt and innovate to ensure uninterrupted progress.

Their Solution: The Lab of the Future

They introduce the concept of the “Lab of the Future,” where innovation meets safety, efficiency, and accessibility. Their unique solution ensure continuity, collaboration, and safety under any conditions. With an eye on the global health landscape, our commitment to advanced laboratory design is more critical than ever.

Safety and Security Emphasized

Safety is paramount in our designs. Their advanced laboratory solutions incorporate state-of-the-art cybersecurity, physical security, and risk mitigation measures, ensuring that your lab remains a secure haven for research and discovery.

Seizing Opportunities with Diversity Supply

They are not just a supplier; they are a Diversity Supplier with a difference. Their SDVOSB, HUBZone, DBE certifications grant them special mandates for procurements from government entities, allowing them to fulfill set-aside requirements and contribute to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Why Choose LabTECH Environments?

·       Innovative Integration: Their experienced team brings world-class equipment, furniture, and tech-rich solutions to your lab facilities.

·       Diversity Supplier Expertise: They are leaders in the Diversity Supplier marketplace, making a significant impact in a sector ripe for change.

·       Proven Track Record: With over six years of growth, they have served renowned institutions like NASA, DoD, and VA, while earning prestigious awards.

·       Revolutionizing Labs: Their mission is to reimagine labs, not just digitalize old processes. They utilize automation, AR/VR, AI, IoT, Cybersecurity and more to create the lab of tomorrow.

·       Fulfilling Mandates: Agencies like NIH, HHS, and more require Diversity Supplier participation. They are here to bridge the gap and exceed expectations.

Join Us in Shaping the Lab of the Future

LabTECH Environments, they are more than a supplier – they are your partners in innovation, inclusion, and progress. Together, we will forge ahead, transforming laboratories into dynamic, efficient, and future-ready spaces.

To explore their services, projects, and innovations, visit our website Let us connect, collaborate, and bring laboratories to life!