TOGA-GS21 TOGA® Safe Smart Completely Enclosed Chemical Storage Cabinet Single Door

TOGA® Safe Smart

Ensure a clean laboratory environment with the use of TOGA® filters, both domestically and internationally patented.  This innovative system creates a self-circulating mechanism through differential air flow within the chemical storage cabinet to actively eliminate harmful gases.  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the inside of the chemical storage cabinet remains securely contained, preventing any leaks to maintain a pristine laboratory setting.

TOGA® Safe Smart

Using domestic and foreign patented TOGA® filters, harmful gases are removed by designing a self-circulating system through differential air flow inside the reagent field.
Therefore, the inside of the reagent field does not leak outside to ensure a clean laboratory environment.

Performance and Safety

    • Engineered with internal ducts and optimized filter and fan placement to promote smooth airflow
    • Excellent toxic gas efficiency: removes over 90% of toxic gases in the laboratory
    • Works at high efficiency longer, requiring less frequent replacement
    • Minimize risk of contamination from filter saturation
    • No ozone or harmful substances are created as byproducts

Environmental Impact

Implementing ductless structural design saves energy, reduces costs and protects laboratory researchers from accidental exposure to fumes from stored chemicals

  • No pollutants are released to the outside environment
  • Prevents energy loss, making it cheaper and easier to maintain laboratory temperature/humidity levels
  • Easy to move and no need to connect to ductwork or HVAC system


TOGA Toxic Gas Purification Filter Technology

US Patent No. 8,845,971,B2, Korean Patent No. 10-0941666, Chinese Patent No. 1345867

TOGA® filters use laboratory-optimized Triple Action Technology™ that eliminates virtually all toxic gases and foul odors via a combination of physical absorption, chemical reactions and neutralization reactions.

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