TOGA® Puri Cabinet TOGA-SCA0P Toxic Gas Purifier for Flammable Storage

TOGA® Puri Cabinet

Safely purify harmful gases emitted from chemicals stored in flammable cabinets with our advanced filtration system.

TOGA® Puri Cabinet

Purifier for Flammable Storage


    • Flammable gas detection and purification
      • Flammable cabinets are primarily designed to contain and protect against the ignition of flammable substances. However, in some cases, volatile gases or vapors may escape from containers or be released during chemical reactions.  A toxic gas purifier installed within or near the flammable cabinet can help detect and purify any flammable gases that may be present, preventing the accumulation of potentially combustible or explosive atmospheres.
    • Elimination of hazardous fumes
      • Certain flammable materials can release toxic fumes or gases that pose health risks to personnel.  Integrating a toxic gas purifier with the flammable cabinet can help remove these hazardous fumes from the air, ensuring a safer working environment.
    • Combined fire and gas safety system
      • Integrating a toxic gas purifier with a flammable cabinet creates a comprehensive safety system that addresses both fire hazards and the presence of toxic gases.  This combination provides enhanced protection by minimizing the risks associated with flammable materials and the potential release of toxic gases.

Performance and Safety

    • Integrate with TOGA Filter to effectively remove harmful gases
    • Extends the life of flammable cabinet through removal of harmful gases
    • No emission of harmful substances through side reaction
    • Utilizes explosion-proof structure separating electrical components and filter
    • CPVC piping provides chemical resistance
    • Powder Coated providing excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
    • 5 Speed blower settings
    • Use as tabletop fume extractor

Environmental Impact

Implementing ductless structural design saves energy, reduces costs and protects laboratory researchers from accidental exposure to fumes from stored chemicals

  • No pollutants are released to the outside environment
  • Prevents energy loss, making it cheaper and easier to maintain laboratory temperature/humidity levels
  • Easy to move and no need to connect to ductwork or HVAC system


TOGA Toxic Gas Purification Filter Technology

US Patent No. 8,845,971,B2, Korean Patent No. 10-0941666, Chinese Patent No. 1345867

TOGA® filters use laboratory-optimized Triple Action Technology™ that eliminates virtually all toxic gases and foul odors via a combination of physical absorption, chemical reactions and neutralization reactions.

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