TOxic GAs Filters

TOGA Filters, Chemical Filters Safeguarding the Health of Researchers

TOGA Filter is a filter independently researched and developed by GT SCIEN. It is a filter made by mixing media that perform physical adsorption, chemical and neutralization reaction to have excellent performance in removing various harmful gases.

TOGA Construction and Features

Compared to common carbon filters that only perform physical adsorption;

-Longer Filter Replacement Cycle

-Excellent Purification of Harmful Gases

-Minimize contamination due to re-desorption of contaminants

No ozone or nitrogen oxide emission due to side reactions

Designed to fully utilize the filter passage area to effectively remove various types of pollutants

Filter Structure Suitable for Various types of Equipment Functions

Chemical Filter Selection Guide


Combination of blended media for general laboratory use.

A Type

Excellent for removing VOC’s, alcohol, hydrocarbons, and odors

Excellent for removing volatile organic compounds through adsorption and oxidation

(High removal efficiency of over 99.0%)

B Type

Excellent for removing general organic compounds, O₃, NH3, and bad odors

Adsorbs and removes various harmful gases with high specific surface area

(high removal efficiency of over 99.8%

C Type

Excellent for NOx, SOx, acid/base removal Removal of acid gas through chemical reaction

(removal efficiency of over 99.5%)


Customized filter solutions designed for unique chemical applications

  • Long-lasting high purification efficiency
  • Minimization of contamination due to filter saturation
  • No harmful byproducts such as nitrogen oxide or ozone
Chemical Filter Media