TOGA-GSVAC15S0 SmartLab Sensor Viewer

AloT EHS Platform, linked with the AloT-based toxic gas purifiers, allows for automatic control, when the concentration of harmful gases in the laboratory exceeds the permissible exposure limits. Smart Lab Sensor Al is installed with temperature, humidity, VOCs, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, carbon monoxide, fine dust (PM 10) and ultrafine dust (PM2.5) sensors.

Performance and Safety

  • When the concentration of a specific sensor increases above the nominal value, a warning message is automatically sent to the manager and the toxic gas purifier is automatically controlled: the nominal value is set according to the institution permissible standard
  • LSPMS allows for indoor air quality via graph or downloadable excel file
  • SmartLab Mate allows for real-time toxic gas concentration monitoring
  • Function to check the concentration of toxic gases on the LCD screen when linked with primarily used AIoT reagent cabinet


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