TOGA® Safe SmartAI TOGA-AIGSD01 AIoT Ducted Type Enclosed Chemical Storage One Door

TOGA® Safe Smart

Remove toxic gases generated from reagents stored inside the cabinet. Ducted closed structural design ensures that toxic fumes and noxious odors stay inside the cabinet to be ducted. External contaminants, such as dust, cannot enter the cabinet. The AIoT system manages and monitors reagent use in real-time. It is the complete reagent storage solution for your laboratory.

TOGA® Safe Smart AI

Safely remove toxic fumes via duct system and efficiently manage toxic chemicals with AIoT Technology.

Performance and Safety

    • Engineered with internal ducts and optimized filter and fan placement to promote smooth airflow
    • Excellent toxic gas efficiency: removes over 90% of toxic gases in the laboratory
    • Works at high efficiency longer, requiring less frequent replacement
    • Minimize risk of contamination from filter saturation
    • No ozone or harmful substances are created as byproducts

Environmental Impact

Implementing ductless structural design saves energy, reduces costs and protects laboratory researchers from accidental exposure to fumes from stored chemicals

  • No pollutants are released to the outside environment
  • Prevents energy loss, making it cheaper and easier to maintain laboratory temperature/humidity levels
  • Easy to move and no need to connect to ductwork or HVAC system



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